This year's Blizzard Festival line up will ruffle anybodies feathers. The list continues to grow for 2015, local and from afar we have secured your favourite, and your soon to be favourite, bands from across North America!

Alissa smiling softly at the camera wearing a wool coat

Alissa Arnason

Alissa Arnason is as wholesome as fresh baked bread, served with a side of femme fatale. Both her spirit and sound can travel from ethereal fragility to deep, down and dirty. Her music is instantly familiar and comforting while the melodies and lyrics are diverse enough to make you want to hug your mother, stomp your feet, and sit down and cry. She is both a storyteller and a soldier laying herself bare for those who are brave enough to look, listen and love while life unfolds. Whether you've had the opportunity to watch her grow from the beginning or you're listening to her for the first time her music makes you a stranger no more.

The band in action, bud playing the guitar with christmas lights in the background

Bud Gordon & the God Awful Gospel

Winnipeg based, country-folk rock band, Bud Gordon & the God Awful Gospel exhibits the raw material wild-crafted on expeditions into traditional forms and dispatches a present-day narrative invoked by the misadventures and walking meditations of a young Canadian highway rat.

Four band member's faces side by side. Taken from the side

The Provincial Archive

The provincial archive is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation, publication and public exhibition of documents, parchments, manuscripts, records, books, maps, plans, photographs, magnetic tapes, or other materials regardless of physical form, the preservation of which is in the public’s interest.

Three band members sitting on wooden chairs outside of a rustic cabin with barrels int he background

We Hunt Buffalo

Dirty, grimy, stoner rock from Vancouver, BC. We Hunt Buffalo take guitar and synth sounds, seep them in a copious amount of fuzz, creating songs with hard-hitting stoner grooves and psychedelic overtones. It’s a culmination of years playing music together in a small Vancouver, BC suburb.

Band members drinking on vacant lot and sitting on the sidewalk


OHMWAR is a band located in Canada. We have been playing together since May 10, 2011. If you like fast and loud rock and roll we're probably your bag.

Four band members in the dark having a smoke

John Lee's Hooker

John Leeʼs Hooker is a four piece blues driven garage rock outfit from the West Kootenay, BC town of Rossland. Tucked away deep within the mountains, they create a burst of good times rock n roll, that will have everyone dancing and singing. Itʼs the kind of music that makes you the type of person you wish you were.


Double musical note in a circle


Winter has reared its lovely head once again in Rossland, B.C., and that means a celebration is in order. The Blizzard Music Festival descends upon town for the sixth year in a row with more power than ever before, showcasing talent from across Canada, and the USA against a backdrop of snow and ice, and reminding us all why we call The Kootenays home.
From its humble beginnings as a grass-roots homage to winter, The Blizzard has come into its own as one of the premier music festivals in the Interior. Founded in 2007 by Jonathan Provencal and The Tuques, The Blizzard has since then amassed a formidable list of allies including The Rossland Winter Carnival and Nelson Brewing Company. This year’s Blizzard promises to be the biggest and snowiest party to blow through British Columbia in a decade.


All shows are at The Flying Steamshovel in Rossland, BC, Canada.


January 29th - 31st. Blizzard Fest goes down during the evenings of Rossland's Winter Carnival!